Senior Software Developer

Pune, India



•            Translate business and user requirements into design elements and user experiences.

•            Initiate an iterative process of research and design to create unique product design that meet the needs of the users.

•            Closely work with UX researchers to develop and maintain an in-depth knowledge of the users, their context and their challenges. 

•            Ensure proper user testing is done to validate product design decisions.

•            Promote guidelines and best practices.

•            Incorporate principles of user-centered design in the product lifecycle.

•            Produce prototypes to validate UX designs with end-users and development team.



•            Design psychology (user attention, cognition and emotion theories/principles)

•            Interface development cycle mastery (design thinking methodology)

•            Ideation methods

•            Knowledge of Material Design

•            Proficiency in UX/UI prototyping tools (UXPin / Sketch / etc.)


•            Min. 5 - 7 years’ experience in website, web app and mobile UX

•            Experience in web agency or software dev. company



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