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Carreras profesionales en EXFO





Subject of the study

EXFO provides a test and measurement solution to assess 24/7 the integrity of the optical fiber for telecom operators.

This solution, Nova Fiber, monitors and detects problems along the optical fiber, locates and characterizes and reports those issues so the operators guarantee the reliable, high speed connections. It relies on probes (Remote Testing Units) deployed on FTTH, FTTB or FTTA and connected to a centralized monitoring system (FMS). A mobile app lets field technicians run those tests when deploying optical fiber.

The Nova Fiber solution implements multiple automated test pipelines, API and UI. Tests are run automatically in conjunction with the source code management system and will guarantee the level of quality that our customers expect.

Your role

The subject consists in improving the automated tests of the Nova Fiber solution:

  • Control the test equipment via their APIs to include them in test pipelines
  • Improve test results dashboards
  • Maximize the test coverage through automation
  • Automate performance tests
  • Implement innovative test solutions for APIs, GUI, and end to end tests
  • Improve the documentation and the ability of the team to use the CI/CD pipelines efficiently

All of this takes places in R&D among a team of software development engineers using state of the art development processes.

The intern will work in the following technical environment:

  • OS: Linux and Windows
  • Test frameworks: NodeJS, Mocha, Test Complete, Visual Studio Code, Jira
  • Web Services: REST API
  • Cloud Service: AWS
  • DevOps: Docker, Swarm, CI/CD, GitLab, Azure DevOps
  • Agile, Scrum, DevOps

Required skills

  • Autonomy, initiative, adaptability
  • Problem solving mindset
  • Respect, team spirit, good interpersonal skills


  • Knowledge of CI/CD
  • Automated testing
  • Quality-oriented, out of the box thinker

Relevant experience: Software engineering project from requirement to acceptance

Professional English: B2 level

Academic: Msc or equivalent

Intern Rennes, France | Posted noviembre 3, 2021

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