Front End Software Developer (F/M)

Montreal, Canada

Job summary 

  • As a part of the organization as a Front-End Software Developer in the R&D/Wireless Monitoring entity, you are responsible for the development of the GUI of Web based applications in a modern secure architecture based on microservices and orchestrated containers.
  • You deliver Monitoring and Troubleshooting real time applications for Telecom networks such as LTE or 5G.
  • You integrate a SAFe Agile team, which brings together all the necessary skills for a software project (Product Owner, Scrum master, Team players)


 What you’ll do

 Participate in the R&D project launch:

  • Estimate the stories for features and enablers during backlog refinement considering security, tests first, performance and serviceability.
  • Contribute to the risk and dependencies analysis before launching Product Increment
  • Contribute, with the help of the Technical Product Manager (TPO), to the scheduling of activities, choice of technology, development and test tools, and review of test plans

 Realize R&D projects:

  • Lead development activities/ follow development guidelines / produce associated software documentation
  • Actively participate to sprint planning
  • Commit as a team player to the sprint content delivery
  • Assume responsability for parts of development tests & associated documentation
  • Actively participate in continuous improvement via Agile best practices

 Be responsible for the quality, security and schedule of deliverables:

  • Be responsible of user experience, by insuring user friendly, responsive design and expected response time.
  • Be responsible of the quality of his deliverables by ensuring, right level of test and design review of his modules, ensuring the completion of the test coverage of his deliverables, achieving test execution by himself, as appropriate, until quality level is reached
  • Be responsible of the security of his deliverable by using the appropriate development best practices, sanity check tools and security tests such as top 10 OWASP.
  • Be responsible of the performance of his deliverable at a system level, considering robustness, load, response time and CPU/RAM footprint.
  • Be responsible for delivering his own deliverables in line with schedule agreed with team and project leader

 Provide technical support :

  • Bring technical expertise to the Support teams 


What we’re looking for 

Technical skills 

  • Front End: Angular, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, NodeJS
  • Tests: Junit/EasyMock
  • Web Browser: Chrome, IE, Firefox
  • Security: AAA, SSL, HTTPS, GDPR, encryption, certificates, SQL injection
  • Web performance: automate optimization, minifying
  • System: Tomcat 7, Linux RedHat 6.x, 7.x
  • Web Service: SOAP, REST
  • Database: Elastic Search, MariaDB/Dbeaver, MongoDB/Robot3T, HBase
  • Tracking Tool: JIRA
  • Software Configuration: GitLab
  • Containerization: Twelve Factors, Docker, microservices, Kubernetes, Helm
  • CI-CD/Devops: Jenkins, Maven, Artifactory, automation, Ansible
  • Server environment: Clould / on premise  
  • Experience on Continuous Integration and automation testing is a prerequisite:

 Required aptitudes

  • You can manage development tasks in complete autonomy, defining a software architecture, immersing yourself in existing codes and proposing corrections and evolutions
  • You are also able to imagine how your product can be future proof, can provide security and web performances and how it can integrate new technologies
  • You combine analytical thinking with the ability to synthesize, you are rigorous in your analyses and developments
  • Your relationship allows you to work naturally “as a team” in an international environment


 Must have 

  • Pertinent experience: minimum of 2 years’ experience in Back End software development in multidisciplinary and multi-site teams
  • Language requirements: French, English
  • Education: Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent


Any other combination of experience/studies will be considered.

Front End Software Developer (F/M) Montreal, Canada | Posted octubre 28, 2020

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