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TEST Talks 2021 - On-demand

Labs and manufacturing testing challenges — Watch TEST Talks 3 sessions on-demand

TEST Talks 2021 - On-demand
TEST Talks 2021 - On-demand

Missed TEST Talk? No worries, all the content is now available on-demand right below.

TEST Talk 3 - April 29, 2021

New era of transceivers: 400G and beyond

Transceiver testing challenges loom large as the telecom industry defines 800G while also deploying 400G widely. Industry experts David J. Rodgers (Ethernet Alliance-Teledyne), Faisal Dada (Xilinx), Leo Lin (EXFO) and Jean-Marie Vilain (EXFO) share insights during a live panel discussion about the new wave of transceivers. After the panel discussion, join in-depth technical sessions with subject matter experts.


New era of transceivers: 400G and beyond

The transceiver space is changing fast. 800G is around the corner. 400G is being widely deployed in R&D environments and are making their way to data center and network operator field implementations. The telecom industry will soon face new challenges in designing, testing and manufacturing next-generation pluggable optics.

Industry experts share insights during a live panel discussion about the new wave of transceivers. They will also cover challenges that the optical transceiver industry currently faces at various stages of design, manufacturing and commissioning.

Stay with us after the live discussion for product demos and in-depth technical sessions.


800G PAM4 signal testing

400G is, at present, the highest operating rate for optical pluggables. This technology has recently made its way from R&D environments to field implementations. As a result, several 400G optical transceiver architectures are in production and deployed in both core and data centers.

However, the relentless need to scale network bandwidth propels ongoing efforts to push beyond current limits using PAM4 signaling, all the while paving the way for 800G technology.

Join us as we outline 800G PAM4 signal testing.


Overcoming E2E testing challenges

With increasing use of silicon photonic based components in the design of next-gen transceivers, it is becoming more and more difficult for designers, test engineers and production managers to establish an optimized strategy to reduce their overall costs and time to market.

Join the discussion and discover how EXFO solutions can help you in this transition.


Speed migration to data centers: VSFF optics and breakout cables

The greatest challenge facing many data center administrators and operators today is how to smoothly and gradually migrate their networks from 100G to 400G.

New tools designed to help them with this migration are emerging. These include new connector types like CS and SN applications, new QSFP-DD and OSFP transceiver types, and new fibers that provide enough flexibility to initiate these migrations with 2x100G and 4x100G interconnections.

Join us for live demos of these new connector types as we explain best practices for inspecting them as well as how to validate transceivers and the traffic they transport.


Coherent optics: standards and compliance

Data centers and carrier labs are starting to test coherent optics, so their use in production environments is just a matter of time

Join us to discover the fundamentals of these new types of transceivers as well as challenges and testing recommendations for successful deployment.

  • Fundamentals of coherent optics communication
  • Which problems coherent optics help solve
  • How new pluggable coherent optics will coexist in the network alongside common client interface pluggable
  • How validation and testing of end-to-end client traffic will be managed
  • The need for proper test tools to ensure efficient deployment of pluggables in networks


TEST Talk 1 - April 15, 2021

The rules are changing: How can we stay in the game?

EXFO’S first TEST Talk features Lightwave Editorial Director Stephen Hardy holding forth on key trends and challenges in labs and manufacturing, plus in-depth sessions and demos where we address the telecom industry’s changing rules and how researchers and manufacturers now have to play the game.

Watch TEST Talks 1 sessions

TEST Talk 2 - April 22, 2021

How to future-proof PIC testing

Next-generation photonic technology calls for next-generation testing capabilities. Find out more on April 22 when we discuss these capabilities with industry experts Ana González (EPIC), François Menard (AEPONYX), Shon Schmidt (Maple Leaf Photonics) and François Couny (EXFO). After the panel discussion, join in-depth technical sessions with subject matter experts.

Watch TEST Talks 2 sessions

TEST Talk 4 - May 6, 2021

5G challenges from R&D to field deployment

Questions about 5G testing abound in contexts including R&D, fiber deployment in the field, xHaul transport, transceiver testing and open RAN evolution. Want answers? Our panelists have them. Join us on May 6 when industry experts Antonio Tartaglia (Ericsson), Luis Miguel Contreras Murillo (Telefónica), Harpinder Matharu (Xilinx) and Sophie Legault (EXFO) will share the lessons they’ve learned. After the panel discussion, join in-depth technical sessions with subject matter experts.

Watch TEST Talks 4 sessions

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