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TEST Talks 2021 - On-demand

Labs and manufacturing testing challenges — Watch TEST Talks 2 sessions on-demand

TEST Talks 2021 - On-demand
TEST Talks 2021 - On-demand

Missed TEST Talk? No worries, all the content is now available on-demand right below.

TEST Talk 2 - April 22, 2021

How to future-proof PIC testing

Next-generation photonic technology calls for next-generation testing capabilities. Find out more on April 22 when we discuss these capabilities with industry experts Ana González (EPIC), François Menard (AEPONYX), Shon Schmidt (Maple Leaf Photonics) and François Couny (EXFO). After the panel discussion, join in-depth technical sessions with subject matter experts.

How to future-proof PIC testing?

Integrated photonics promises both great benefits and major challenges. Industry experts have dealt with testing challenges, and they’re ready to share their hard-won knowledge.

Join us as industry experts provide their insights during a live panel discussion on how to future-proof PIC testing. They will also share their experiences tackling real-life PIC challenges.


Next-gen component testing

In the wake of 5G development, a variety of high performance optical components have been created. Often based on integrated photonics, such components come with their own set of challenges when it comes to coupling light into them and often require specialist equipment to test their spectral characteristics.

During this in-depth session, we will discuss technical concepts around two equipment demonstrations: one from Elliot Scientific to demonstrate automated optical coupling; and the second from EXFO to show the latest innovations in insertion loss and polarization dependent loss testing capabilities.


PIC-based transceiver testing

Webscale operators and cloud service providers are striving to upscale the capacity and transmission rates of the networks in their data centers. To do so, they must master the challenges of thermal management and power consumption.

Photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology overcomes both challenges. In addition to their thermal and power efficiency, PIC-based transceivers are highly compact, so it’s little wonder that they are increasingly popular as optical pluggables.

Join us to discover the current state and trends in the photonic integrated transceiver market.


Automation, integration and data management

PIC test stations are becoming increasingly complex and must be fully automated while remaining scalable, modular and capable of evolving over time. The control software plays a large role in managing the different pieces of the puzzle (automation and integration), but other issues such as data management, traceability and analysis are just as important (if not more) and should not be ignored.

During this in-depth session, we’ll discuss key aspects of automation, integration and data management. Then we’ll present a live demo of EHVA’s software suite to show how it addresses today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, enabling you to automate complex test stations, store data efficiently and gather insights from your test data.


TEST Talk 1 - April 15, 2021

The rules are changing: How can we stay in the game?

EXFO’S first TEST Talk features Lightwave Editorial Director Stephen Hardy holding forth on key trends and challenges in labs and manufacturing, plus in-depth sessions and demos where we address the telecom industry’s changing rules and how researchers and manufacturers now have to play the game.

Watch TEST Talks 1 sessions

TEST Talk 3 - April 29, 2021

New era of transceivers: 400G and beyond

Transceiver testing challenges loom large as the telecom industry defines 800G while also deploying 400G widely. Industry experts David J. Rodgers (Ethernet Alliance-Teledyne), Faisal Dada (Xilinx), Leo Lin (EXFO) and Jean-Marie Vilain (EXFO) share insights during a live panel discussion about the new wave of transceivers. After the panel discussion, join in-depth technical sessions with subject matter experts.

Watch TEST Talks 3 sessions

TEST Talk 4 - May 6, 2021

5G challenges from R&D to field deployment

Questions about 5G testing abound in contexts including R&D, fiber deployment in the field, xHaul transport, transceiver testing and open RAN evolution. Want answers? Our panelists have them. Join us on May 6 when industry experts Antonio Tartaglia (Ericsson), Luis Miguel Contreras Murillo (Telefónica), Harpinder Matharu (Xilinx) and Sophie Legault (EXFO) will share the lessons they’ve learned. After the panel discussion, join in-depth technical sessions with subject matter experts.

Watch TEST Talks 4 sessions

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