Simulator solutions: professional services overview

Using EXFO simulator solutions, our Professional Services team will help you maintain your test environment and identify issues in your device/system under test. We provide planning and help execute testing by creating quality scripts for advanced automation using EXFO’s simulator solutions.

Helping you achieve the best results for your network requirements: that is our mission.

Our experts work with you to optimize and maintain the best test environment for your needs, leveraging leading EXFO test solutions for the telecom domain to support multiple protocols, such as IMS, VoIP, LTE, VoLTE and legacy.

With years of experience deploying our simulators, and significant technical knowledge in RAN, wireless, IMS and legacy networks, our team is available to help you increase the efficiency and value of strategic initiatives while minimizing capital investment, complexity and drain on company resources.


  • Simulator product scripting
  • Script debugging
  • On-demand on-site or off-site consulting
  • Customized consulting engagements
  • Cost-efficient outsourcing
  • Dedicated on-site engineers