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Support - Optical testing modules

Support - Optical testing modules
Support - Optical testing modules

FTB-5600 - Distributed PMD analyzer

The only distributed PMD analyzer on the market, offering simplified PMD assessment for identification of faulty sections on links.

FTB-5700 - Single-ended dispersion analyzer

Optimized CD/PMD characterization with single-ended testing of multiple links from one location

FTB-7400E - Metro/OTDR

High-resolution OTDR covering longer metro distances.

FTBx-1750 - High-performance power meter

Fast, accurate, flexible power measurement in a platform-based solution.

FTBx-2150 - Fiber optic light source

Exceptional selection of single- or multi-wavelength, multimode LEDs and singlemode DFB lasers

FTBx-2250 - Broadband light source

Compact, rugged and highly reliable light source—an essential lab testing building block

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