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Multiplay services testing

Testing the quality of the optical link and copper pairs to assess the performance of the Ethernet and xDSL services in the access network are mandatory steps to ensure that the physical layer can handle proper IP services delivery, but it doesn’t end there. Ensuring the quality and stability of video, voice and data components is the key objective of all service providers to ultimately bring the best quality of experience (QoE) to their customers.


It gets even more meaningful in today’s context where the service offering is very large and competition is fierce. The increasing popularity of bandwidth-hungry video applications is changing the reality of network service providers (NSPs):

  • Video streaming
  • Online gaming
  • IP visual phone
  • IPTV

Video is the most critical point for subscriber retention. Considering the amount of investment made in deploying the extra bandwidth up to customers’ premises, operators cannot allow any network failures.

Fast and Accurate Assessment of IP Services

EXFO can help make a difference. With advanced multiplay testing capabilities integrated into our solutions, we support various types of applications—whether installing a new network, turning-up services for new customers or troubleshooting your existing infrastructure for maintenance. Available as platform-based or through dedicated handheld test units, our solutions are built to provide fast, accurate and comprehensive assessment of IP services from the central office to the customer’s set-top box (STB).

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