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Cross-domain topology

Dynamic cross-domain topology gives you the ability to improve almost all OSS and BSS functions and link simultaneous incidents on the network to the services that are being sold to and consumed by the customer.


  • Limitless network visibility
  • Network change and planning to reduce costs
  • Network troubleshooting to increase productivity
  • Service impact analysis to reduce downtime, improve customer satisfaction and boost efficiency


Improving operations

EXFO Ontology’s solution is being used to improve BSS and OSS operations for Service Assurance and to improve the customer’s understanding of their network dependencies for increasingly automated, faster Troubleshooting.

Key benefits

Thanks to faster troubleshooting and fault resolution, customer and service impacts affecting the network are efficiently calculated and summarized.

Active monitoring of service issues allows for unexpected and usually distributed failures to be found easily at various points in the infrastructure. A fully generalized topological analysis algorithm can be applied to any symptom set regardless of size, specific degradation, periodic behaviour or specific distribution.

Detecting the root cause behind degradations is quick and economical.

Proactive avoidance of configuration-driven service interruptions mitigates the impact of sudden network changes.

Change management teams are empowered to manage change packages through their complete lifecycle, confident that they can correctly and effectively handle interactions with other network change plans as well as impacts on services and customers.

Unmatched ability to find complex common root causes of arbitrary multiple service degradations

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