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Making sure your smarter network delivers


So many promises, so many changes—and so many uncertainties. How can you ensure that extensive investments in network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) will actually improve your bottom line, competitiveness and quality of experience for subscribers?

Smarter service assurance is the foundation for smarter network success. EXFO provides a clear, three-phase path for transitioning with confidence to NFV/SDN deployment and operationalization. Our service assurance solutions for physical, hybrid and virtualized infrastructures deliver high performance and reliability at the network, service and subscriber levels. Our real-time analytics and active and passive monitoring offer unprecedented agility, efficiency, automation and end-to-end visibility. Together, we will make sure the virtual and the physical behave as expected—and deliver results as promised.

EXFO ecosystems integration initiative

In a context of massive industry transformation, communications service providers (CSPs) rely on automated and integrated end-to-end solutions to make sure their migration to NFV/SDN delivers results without risking reliability. As part of our commitment to helping CSPs worldwide transition with success, we launched the EXFO Ecosystems Integration Initiative, a growing series of partnerships with other industry leaders to develop open, cutting-edge and vendor-agnostic service assurance solutions.

Key benefits

Make sure your migration to virtualization is done right, without negative impacts to subscribers or your bottom line. We fully assure the performance of physical, hybrid and virtual infrastructures, and the services they deliver throughout their entire lifecycles.

Make sure the automation of your services deployment increases ROI, efficiency, performance and deployment speed. We make it possible to automate your operations without risking reliability.

Make sure you reach your goals of optimized operational efficiency, agile service creation and increased revenue. We make it possible by enabling closed-loop automation through real-time analytics and test orchestration.

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