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Social media disclaimer

Social media disclaimer
Social media disclaimer

The comments, opinions,  and views expressed and any content submitted or linked by users (hereinafter collectively “Postings”) on social media platforms administered and used by EXFO Inc. (“EXFO”) or its subsidiaries, including, but not limited to, Postings on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube channel, represent the perceptions, opinions, beliefs, attitudes and thoughts of the individual users, and are not necessarily those of EXFO and its subsidiaries, their directors and employees and are not in any manner endorsed by EXFO.

Through its moderator and at its sole discretion, EXFO reserves the right to review, edit and delete any Posting it judges to be:

EXFO may without notice, limit or cancel any user’s right to make any Postings.

By making Postings to any social media sites of EXFO, the user understands and acknowledges that such Postings are available to the public, and that EXFO may use the Postings for internal and external promotional purposes. Users should not expect any privacy with respect to any Postings and should expect that other users may use the Postings. If the user does not wish to have the Postings re-published, copied and/or reprinted, such user should avoid making any Postings.

EXFO specifically disclaims any responsibility or liability for any losses or damages of any kind suffered by a user, resulting from third party Postings on its social media platforms, including losses or damages resulting from fraud, misstatements and misunderstandings and from any links to external websites or pages posted by users. EXFO does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of the information contained or linked. Users are hereby notified that they are fully responsible for their Postings.

In no event shall any Postings on social media platforms be deemed to constitute legal, regulatory or official notice for any purpose whatsoever.

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