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Testing chromatic dispersion

This course provides an overview of general dispersion phenomena occurring in fiber-optic communications, and the problems caused by chromatic dispersion. Attendees will learn how to differentiate various types of fiber and how to compensate for chromatic dispersion. The course also shows how to test chromatic dispersion with EXFO’s CD analyzer.

1 day On-site
All courses Testing chromatic dispersion
All courses Testing chromatic dispersion


  • Dispersion phenomena
  • Basic principles of CD
  • Causes of CD in fiber
  • Effects of CD on fiber
  • CD measurements using EXFO’s CD analyzer



The first part of this course consists of lectures using PowerPoint presentations and demonstrations, while the second part provides practical training with hands-on PMD testing exercises. The course also covers total CD measurement, coefficient calculation, pass/fail result analysis using thresholds and result interpretation.


Attendees will receive a binder containing copies of presentations and other handouts.

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