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How to Mitigate xDSL Noise

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Chris Dunford

Product Line Manager, Access Business Unit

Chris Dunford is a Product Line Manager for EXFO’s T&M Physical BU. Chris has over 20 years experience in the telecom test and measurement field.  He has responsibility for handheld products focusing on physical layer FTTN and advanced triple play services testing. Mr. Dunford is a member of the Broadband Forum.

DSL services are more sensitive to interference than traditional phone services. High frequency (or wideband) noise can cause IPTV to tile or freeze and web access to be slow or intermittent. These situations require effective noise source mitigation. 

To detect wideband noise and meet performance expectations, appropriate measuring techniques must be used. Recent advancements in xDSL technologies, including bonding and VDSL2 vectoring, make it even more critical to get a full picture of today's FTTx and hybrid networks.

This webinar examines the effects of noise on DSL service performance and how to detect and locate common noise sources on VDSL2 and ADSL services. It also covers best practices for copper pair qualification and VDSL2 performance validation.

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