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How and when to use automation to boost field test efficiency

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Lane Liley

Solution Architect, EXFO

Lane Liley specializes in field process automation and analytics that focuses on efficiency, quality and streamlining business processes.   Prior to joining EXFO in 2014, Lane held multiple key positions in the industry, including CEM product line manager and business development manager at JDSU (now Viavi) and Director Product Management and Marketing at Tekelec. Lane holds a BSEE, Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Network field-testing is inefficient when technician productivity is impeded by manual administrative tasks, repeat jobs due to error and tedious results-sharing processes. This severely impacts the ability to quickly and efficiently deploy new infrastructures. So why not eliminate these barriers! 

Automation makes it possible to avoid the typical problems encountered during a manual field-testing approach. With network field test-process automation, the consistency and accuracy of test data—both at collection and when input into field management systems—increases substantially. Automation allows the effective management of field-testing while providing complete real-time visibility over job performance. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • The pitfalls, challenges and issues affecting today’s current manual field-testing practises
  • The advantages of pre-defined jobs and automated sync for project managers, field technicians and on-site leads 
  • How to improve the efficiency of auditing teams by using the latest technologies to automatically track, collect and validate tests
  • How to interactively view and analyze job progress easily to make the most informed business decisions possible

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