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Unlock the Value of Data Science: Machine Learning (hosted by SDx Central)

  • September 5, 2018

Anssi Tauriainen

Director - Data Science & Advanced Use Cases

Anssi brings over 20 years of experience in the telecommunication industry. Prior to joining EXFO through the acquisition of his former company, Anssi was the Founder and CEO of Aito Technologies, a leading provider of customer experience analytics for mobile network operators (MNOs). Previous experience also include multiple positions at Nokia Networks, including Head of Business Management, Project Manager, R&D Engineer and SW Engineer. He holds a Master's Degree in Computing science, mathematics and telecommunications from University of Jyväskylä and is currently conducting a PhD in research in Communication technology in Helsinki University of Technology.

What if it were possible to empower communication service providers (CSPs) to reduce operational expenses and discover new revenue sources by automating mundane operations tasks and providing insights?

Online Webinar at SDxCentral.com

By examining two unique use cases, we will see how to leverage machine learning for prototyping advanced description, diagnostics, prescriptive and predictive analytics to deliver these aspirations.

  • The first monitoring use case covers anomaly detection via ML and pattern recognition for adaptive and forecasting alerting systems. The aim is to predict KPI values based on historical values and other data.
  • The second use case focuses on the subscribers’ centres of interests, with the aim to understand these centres of interest via web traffic categorization. A solution can identify URLs browsed and then allocate them to more specific categories. This leads to new revenue streams (e.g., vendors working to buy the mobility profile data of a specific customer segment) and provide loyalty offers to increase net promoter scores.

Presenter: Anssi Tauriainen, Director – Data Science and Advanced Use Cases, EXFO

During the webinar, you'll learn:

  • The galvanising effect of machine learning through 2 use cases
  • Use case 1: Autonomous monitoring systems. Anomaly detection, forecasting & root cause analysis
  • Use case 2: Increasing Customer Life time value. The best route to subscriber centres of interests via web traffic categorization, segmentation and churn modeling.

Who should attend?

Industries: MNOs, Network and telecommunications companies, Digital Service Providers, Application and network performance providers and Big Data companies
Primary Roles: CTO, Head of OSS, Head of NFV / Virtualisation, Head of Service Assurance / performance management, Head of Network operations (NOC/SOC), Head of Core Networks, Head of Radio Networks, Head of customer experience, Chief Architect / Head of Enterprise Architecture and Head of Marketing

By exploring two unique use cases, we will highlight the prototyping of advanced descriptive, diagnostics, prescriptive and predictive analytics to empower CSPs.

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