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Testing Layer 1 in a Wireless Environment

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Christian Isabelle

Technical Support Specialist, EXFO

Christian Isabelle has been providing technical support, field services, installation and training to EXFO customers since 2006 and is currently a Senior Technical Support Specialist in the Optical and Platform Product team, which supports all mainstream EXFO test and measurement products. He has experience with several generations of EXFO products covering field applications such as, fiber network installation, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as laboratory and manufacturing applications ranging from fiber/cable manufacturing to fully automated manufacturing testing. Christian has excellent pedagogical and communication skills and, accordingly, he can be seen in many of EXFO’s instructional multimedia videos and is often on-site at customer locations to provide classroom and hands-on training. He has a College diploma in the field of electronics/telecommunications and, prior to joining the support team in 2006, worked as a production technician at EXFO on our ever-popular FOT-900 series OLTS product.

In any wireless antenna/cell site infrastructure deployment, the integrity of the physical link (often the optical fiber) remains critical. In this webinar you will learn about best practices in optical link testing. You will also learn about traditional OTDR testing and trace analysis, and about EXFO’s revolutionary iOLM application.

Join EXFO’s expert as he discusses:

  • Connector care and inspection
  • Connector end-face analysis
  • Fiber Characterization at cell/antenna sites
  • Traditional OTDR testing and trace analysis
  • iOLM, EXFO’s game-changing technology

Here are just a few benefits of attending this webinar:

  • Get a better understanding of testing best practices
  • Learn the basics of traditional OTDR testing
  • Learn the fundamentals of trace analysis
  • Hear about how iOLM makes all other existing OTDR testing practices obsolete

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