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Testing Fundamentals: Testing Wideband Copper and DSL

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John McQuay

NQMS Solution Engineer (EMEA/APAC), EXFO

With over 10 years of experience in electronics as well as in copper access, optical and transport products, John provided technical support for copper access and DSL throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He was also a key technical support specialist for a BT, a major EXFO account in the UK. As a Salesforce.com super user, he assists and trains internal staff with its use.  Additionally, he does programming and script-writing for proof of concepts. John obtained a college diploma in electrical and electronics engineering from Cornwall College, with additional studies in computer aided design on AutoCAD and Mechanical Desktop. More recently, John has moved to our FNMM (Fibre Network Monitoring and Management) division as a Solution Engineer.

While removing copper and replacing it with fiber would seem to be the logical choice to meet the need for increased access, speed and reliability, in reality costs and legislative barriers dictate otherwise. Service providers are trying to squeeze every last drop of bandwidth out of their existing copper networks, but testing and qualifying copper networks is now more complex than ever, especially in light of future technologies, such as G.fast, that use frequencies of over 200 MHz.

This webinar provides insight into best testing practices for wideband product delivery, and simple solutions that can have a huge impact on the services delivered to end users.

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