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TCP Performance Testing and Our Approach (with Live Demo)

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Thierno Diallo

Product Manager

Thierno Diallo has been with EXFO since 2004. Prior to being appointed Product Specialist in 2007, he worked in R&D as Verification Engineer and Team Coordinator for the Datacom and Packet Technologies group. Thierno Diallo holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from the École de technologie supérieure de Montréal and an Electronics Engineering Diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Polytechnic.

With more and more subscribers and the growing data load on packet networks, service providers have to cope with heightened performance pressure. Loss and latencies are daily occurrences but the impact of these network events has very different effects on User Datagram Protocol (UDP) traffic as compared to Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) traffic. Contrarily to UDP, TCP performance is greatly impacted by loss and latency as well as incorrect configurations. This is why service providers have to struggle to effectively and correctly troubleshoot TCP performance issues or qualify TCP performance at activation.

This webinar discusses TCP performance and EXFO’s ExacTCP methodology designed to address TCP testing challenges.

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