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Qualifying Ethernet Service Level Agreements: Internet 101

  • September 28, 2021

Kevin Peres

Applications Engineer, Advanced Technologies and Solutions

Kevin has been with EXFO for 18 years and has been involved in the telecom industry for 29 years. Starting in excavation as a laborer, Kevin traded in his shovel for a backhoe laying cable across the US. He later worked for a Tier 1 service provider as a splicer and tester, working on new installs and disaster recovery. Kevin became an Operations technician, turning up and maintaining DS1 to 10G systems. Leveraging this field experience, Kevin delivers a unique perspective which shows in his educational approach when delivering expert content through webinars or seminars. 

A seminar discussing Layer 1 through 4 of the OSI stack.

  • Layer 1 – Physical: Explanation and testing
  • Layer 2 – Data Link: Ethernet Frames, Switches, MAC address description & testing
  • Layer 3 – Network: Packets, routers, description & testing
  • Layer 4 – Transport: TCP vs UDP/Stateful TCP testing
  • Service Level Agreement Testing
  • RFC-2544 vs Y.1564

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