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Passive Optical LAN Systems, Components, and Design (hosted by Cabling Installation & Maintenance)

Passive optical LAN systems, components, and design
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Jimmy Gagnon

Product Line Manager

Jimmy Gagnon has been working for EXFO in optics and telecommunications for over 12 years holding different positions, making his way up to Product Line Manager in the marketing group. Jimmy has been supporting and developing the OTDR business for four years now, specializing in FTTH and CATV markets. Besides this direct experience in telecommunications, Jimmy worked for three years as a major account manager for a Quebec company in electronics, acquiring important skills in project management and customer relations. Jimmy holds a technical degree in Electronics from Limoilou College, Quebec City.

Based on the standardized and widely deployed passive optical network (PON) architecture, passive optical LANs (POLs) have been deployed in enterprise networks for several years. Heralded as space- and money-saving systems, POLs can be put to use in a variety of vertical markets as well as physical environments. This webcast seminar, produced by Cabling Installation & Maintenance, focuses on the passive optical LAN’s physical infrastructure, including the network’s components, the system’s design, and its information-carrying capabilities.

Presentation: Passive Optical LAN’s High-Density Capabilities

This presentation describes the active components of a passive optical LAN—the optical line terminal (OLT) and optical network terminals (ONTs). It focuses on how, through the OLT, a passive optical LAN can provide high-density networking capabilities serving a number of different user environments. It also describes the characteristics and capabilities of ONTs, which facilitate the connection to the user.

Presentation: The Passive Optical LAN’s Passive Connectivity

A passive optical LAN’s high-density capacity can require a high number of fiber-optic connections in the network. This presentation discusses the passive fiber-optic connectivity that can be used in a POL. From splitters to fiber enclosures and preterminated assemblies, there are a number of connectivity choices to make when deploying a POL. The presentation describes these connectivity options, their functions, and their placement within a passive optical LAN.

Presentation: Best Practices for Testing Passive Optical LAN’s Fiber Infrastructure

Optical splitters facilitate the high-density, long-distance transmission capabilities inherent in a passive optical LAN. This splitter-based architectural setup makes testing the system’s installed fiber links a different process than what’s used for a LAN with a hierarchical star architecture. This presentation provides practical hands-on information for installers, test technicians, network owners and others about how to test a passive optical LAN’s infrastructure.


  • Dave Cunningham, Director, Global Marketing, Optical LAN at Tellabs
  • Jamey Calloway, Product Management Specialist, Optical Cable Corporation -  Enterprise Solutions
  • Jimmy Gagnon, Product Line Manager - BDM, Optical Business Unit, EXFO


  • Patrick McLaughlin, Chief Editor, Cabling Installation & Maintenance

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