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Network slicing in 5G

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Ihab Mahna

Solution Architect, EXFO

Ihab brings over 20 years of experience at both start-up and industry leading technology companies. Prior to joining EXFO in 2014, he was VP Marketing and business Development at Avvasi Inc., where he brought the company from technology prototype to fully deployed product generating a growing revenue and winning mind and market share. He also held the position of VP of Product Management at Cartiza Networks, Director of Product Management at Redline communications, Development Director – Telecom Innovation Centre at Siemens Canada and various technical leadership positions at Nortel Networks and Nettest Canada.

Ihab holds Bachelor degrees in both Computer Science and Automation Control, and Engineering from Alexandria University.

The deployment of 5G networks will require the simultaneous availability of several new technologies for the first time. Those technologies—namely SDN, NFV, network slicing, distributed cloud and mobile edge computing—will need to work together, interoperating successfully in order to make 5G a reality. Currently, multiple network types (IP, cloud, fixed and mobile) are individually managed in silos with their own network operation centers (NOCs) separate from each other.

To achieve a successful migration to 5G, these multiple networks and technologies must all be connected and managed together, centrally as one unit by connecting multiple service operations center (SOC) together to handle both network and customer service issues to deliver the best QoE possible to subscribers.

This webinar will discuss how, in order to deliver the innovative IoT services enabled by 5G and this new network architecture, closed loop automation must be implemented in SOCs across network technologies and types, starting from the service creation stage right through to the termination of a service. We’ll also take a detailed look at exactly what is slicing in 5G.


Susan Rambo, Senior Editor, RCR Wireless News
Ihab Mahna, Solution Architect, EXFO

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