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Mobile Application Performance Analysis: The Benefits You May Be Overlooking

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Jorma Axelsson

Senior Product Line Manager, EXFO Wireless

Jorma Axelsson (M.Eng., B.Sc.) has over 10 years of experience in wireless network testing. Within EXFO’s Performance Analysis Business Unit, he is responsible for the mobile network analyzer product line, and works on developing a scalable line of distributed IP network analysis tools for 3G and LTE technologies. Since joining NetHawk (later acquired by EXFO), where he started his career in 2000, Jorma Axelsson has also held several R&D and project management positions.

The number of mobile subscribers is now growing faster than the world’s population. Smartphones and mobile services are driving the explosion in user plane traffic. This booming demand is creating multiple challenges, notably the growth of application data, quality issues and subscriber churn. Operators need innovative, yet practical, tools to overcome these issues. Operators can effectively analyze the performance of individual mobile applications and glean crucial information about customers’ Quality of Experience (QoE).

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Mobile networks and big data challenges
  • Why is mobile application monitoring required
  • What is needed for effective mobile network analysis
  • The benefits of application classification and metadata 

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