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Implementing Service Assurance across Multiple Carrier Ethernet Networks

Hosted by

Nan Chen

Co-Founder and President, CENX


This webinar discusses the management of on-net and off-net customer locations with guaranteed SLAs across multiple Carrier Ethernet networks.

A global service provider’s customers have recently begun to deploy Ethernet networks at in increasing rate. This requires interconnecting multiple networks and matching different service-level agreements (SLAs) to provide a consistent level of quality for the end-user. Managing On-net and Off-net customer locations with guaranteed SLAs across multiple Carrier Ethernet networks is a huge challenge and one that often requires painstaking agreements between carriers and a proliferation of expensive equipment.

EXFO and CENX have teamed up to create a solution that makes implementing service assurance across multiple Carrier Ethernet providers simple, scalable and inexpensive. In this webinar, experts from both EXFO and CENX will outline how this joint solution can:

  • Bringing the On-Net experience to Off-Net users
  • Extend proactive service monitoring and testing capabilities to third-party networks
  • Expand service assurance visibility to all network endpoints without adding additional equipment at each endpoint
  • Scale your service assurance system while reducing your CAPEX and OPEX
  • Integrate metrics through BSS/OSS system and provide real-time reporting for multiple internal and external audiences.

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