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Implementing Cost-Effective Mobile Backhaul Monitoring

Hosted by

Roman Ptashka

Product Line Manager, EXFO Service Assurance


Explosive mobile growth and consumer demand for high quality are driving more and more providers to monitor their mobile backhaul networks for quality. But how can these providers get the end-to-end network visibility they require? How can they scale their monitoring solution to meet their rapid growth? And most importantly, how can they do all this without breaking the bank?

This webinar answers all of these questions. With detailed explanations and real-world examples, we demonstrate how providers can achieve end-to-end network visibility that not only scales effectively but also cost-efficiently. Learn how providers can:

  • Monitor and test all parts of their backhaul network
  • Scale their monitoring system at the same rate as their network growth
  • Reduce capital expenditures (CAPEX) by implementing fewer monitoring devices
  • Reduce operational expenses (OPEX) with more effective troubleshooting
  • Reduce subscriber churn by maintaining consistently high QoS and QoE

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