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FTTdp – Access network evolution, deployment strategies and challenges

  • February 23, 2016

Alfonso Domesi

Regional Product Line Manager

Alfonso Domesi started his career in the telecommunications market in 1991 as a hardware and software development engineer. Over the years, he has tracked the evolution of transmission technologies over copper pair, from the first voice frequency analog modem to the latest high-speed VDSL2 devices and their corresponding QoS measurement systems. He currently holds the position of EMEA Regional Product Line Manager, with a dedicated focus on assessing new markets and technologies for EXFO’s FTTx Wireline product portfolio.

FTTdp or Fiber-to-the-Distribution-Point identifies a new access network topology leveraging existing copper networks to rollout ultra-fast broadband more quickly and cost effectively. The distribution point unit is positioned very close to the home of the customer, and this may have a big impact on the type of powering system, the transmission technology used (e.g., VDSL2 or G.fast) and the attainable data rates.

In this webinar, we will consider the various options available to the operators in terms of technologies and powering systems with a focus on the main challenges during deployment and the best practices to adopt in order to achieve the delivery of an ultra-broadband access.