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FTTA Testing Overview and First Critical Step: Fiber Inspection

Hosted by

Ng Chin Keong

Applications Engineer, EXFO

CK has experience working in the area of Mobile Front Haul and Optical Transport Networks.

He's been with EXFO for about 2 years. Prior to that he was a Global Service Engineer specialized in DWDM network integration at the Ericsson China and Malaysia.

He also worked as a Project Manager in the Bangkok for True Move, Thailand. 

Webinar Series on Fronthaul Testing

The path towards complete FTTA/RRH site turn-up - in just one field trip 

This webinar series covers everything you need to know to efficiently qualify fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) networks and confirm that remote radio heads (RRH) and CPRI links are fully functional before leaving the cell site – in just one field trip. 

This three-part webinar series to learn more about connector inspection and cleaning techniques, fiber-link validation and troubleshooting, CPRI transport link validation, and more. This series aims to help you: 

  • Get your tower crews up-to-speed with fiber testing
  • Ensure SFPs and RRH equipment are fully functional before activating services
  • Speed up your deployment while preventing costly repeated tower climbs

Part 1: FTTA Testing Overview and First Critical Step: Fiber Inspection

Understanding the FTTA network topology, key components and challenges. What are the key testing requirements, methods and procedures? Why is connector inspection so vital and what are the best industry practices?

Introduction to FTTA testing and challenges in the field (20 min)

  1. Introduction
  2. Why deploy FTTA?
  3. FTTA network topology and key components
  4. Challenges in this new environment
  5. Key testing requirements, methods and procedures

Securing the first critical step - connector validation and maintenance (25 min)

  1. Why inspect connectors?
  2. Impact of faulty connectors on short links
  3. SFP technology and how to recognize RX and TX ports
  4. Connector cleaning techniques

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