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Fiber Deep & Remote PHY: How to tackle the optical layer challenges (hosted by LightReading)

Hosted by

Jimmy Gagnon

Product Line Manager

Jimmy Gagnon has been working for EXFO in optics and telecommunications for over 12 years holding different positions, making his way up to Product Line Manager in the marketing group. Jimmy has been supporting and developing the OTDR business for four years now, specializing in FTTH and CATV markets. Besides this direct experience in telecommunications, Jimmy worked for three years as a major account manager for a Quebec company in electronics, acquiring important skills in project management and customer relations. Jimmy holds a technical degree in Electronics from Limoilou College, Quebec City.

The deployment of Fiber Deep and remote PHY will change the way traditional HFC networks are installed, tested and troubleshooted, especially from an optical layer point of view.

This session will highlight the main challenges such as a high count of new fibers to be rolled out, MPO connections, dealing with multiple optical wavelengths and Ethernet services validation.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to minimize turn-up failures and troubleshoot the optical layer quickly
  • Industry's best practices for fiber characterization, troubleshooting and Ethernet service validation
  • Tools that are available to you to be more efficient


  • Denise Culver, Online Research Director, Heavy Reading
  • Jimmy Gagnon, Product Line Manager - BDM, Optical Business Unit, EXFO

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