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End-to-End FTTH/PON Testing: Exploring the Innovative Link-Aware Fixed and Portable Approach

Hosted by

Olivier Plomteux

Product Line Manager

Since joining EXFO in 2006, Olivier has been responsible for a wide range of test and measurement products, specifically optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs), and how they can be leveraged in test systems and fiber management solutions. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in physical engineering from the École Polytechnique, in Montreal, and a Master’s in laser technologies from the Université Laval (COPL), in Quebec City.

Discover a unique fixed probe and portable test set combination that achieves complete fiber-link characterization and certification throughout the different stages of FTTH/PON deployments.

With bandwidth demand increasing much faster than revenues, providers must find ways to quickly connect more homes to their FTTH networks to market their services as soon as possible. This leads to new challenges such as migrating copper technicians to fiber-pant testing as well as hiring and training a significant number of new technicians, with limited fiber-testing knowledge.

With fewer experienced technicians who can efficiently test and troubleshoot fiber, misdiagnoses and incorrect characterizations are bound to happen–leading to turn-up failures and repeat truck rolls, which have a direct impact on OPEX.

Is there an innovative link-validation method that requires fewer, less skilled technicians and less test equipment? Is it possible to certify a complete or partial link from the central office only? Does a method that can solve all these issues exist? Listen to this in-house webinar  to learn how EXFO’s iOLM and Fiber Guardian Node iOLM solutions can help make your operations timely, successful and cost-effective, from the node to the field.

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