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Demystifying Remote Fiber Testing and Monitoring 101

Hosted by

Olivier Plomteux

Product Line Manager

Since joining EXFO in 2006, Olivier has been responsible for a wide range of test and measurement products, specifically optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs), and how they can be leveraged in test systems and fiber management solutions. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in physical engineering from the École Polytechnique, in Montreal, and a Master’s in laser technologies from the Université Laval (COPL), in Quebec City.

This webinar is a remote fiber testing and monitoring presentation during which we describe the various solutions available as well as their respective functions and features. We also play a short video showcasing the highlights of our users’ experience with these solutions.

Topics covered:

  • Centrally-operated OTDRs and how they work
  • Lit (P2P/CWDM/ DWDM) and dark fiber-testing topologies
  • Level 1 - Stand-alone and level 2 - Centrally managed test systems and their respective automated testing, alerting, mapping and reporting functions
  • Leveraging your current geo-based, network-inventory management tool
  • Creating a passive demarcation test point at the “endsite” (CWDM example)
  • Reporting KPI trends (MTTR, TTR) and FO network availability

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