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Customer Experience-Driven Troubleshooting

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Jorma Axelsson

Senior Product Line Manager, EXFO Wireless

Jorma Axelsson (M.Eng., B.Sc.) has over 10 years of experience in wireless network testing. Within EXFO’s Performance Analysis Business Unit, he is responsible for the mobile network analyzer product line, and works on developing a scalable line of distributed IP network analysis tools for 3G and LTE technologies. Since joining NetHawk (later acquired by EXFO), where he started his career in 2000, Jorma Axelsson has also held several R&D and project management positions.

Operators are launching LTE networks with the objective of growing their revenues with an excellent quality‑of‑experience proposition for subscribers. At the same time, subscribers are expecting to obtain added value in return for premium pricing—irrespective of how they are using their operator’s bandwidth. However, the challenge for many operators is that existing monitoring and troubleshooting systems are not flexible enough to enable them to deliver the value proposition.

This webinar focuses on how operators can overcome these market challenges by conducting customer experience-driven troubleshooting. During the session, concrete examples are provided to demonstrate how to accelerate time-to-resolution and save costs with this approach. This session is a perfect fit for operators who have or will be launching LTE networks and want to take on larger competitors in their markets.

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