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Catalyst Digital Showcase – Project Ghost in the shell

Hosted by

Ihab Mahna

Solution Architect, EXFO

Ihab brings over 20 years of experience at both start-up and industry leading technology companies. Prior to joining EXFO in 2014, he was VP Marketing and business Development at Avvasi Inc., where he brought the company from technology prototype to fully deployed product generating a growing revenue and winning mind and market share. He also held the position of VP of Product Management at Cartiza Networks, Director of Product Management at Redline communications, Development Director – Telecom Innovation Centre at Siemens Canada and various technical leadership positions at Nortel Networks and Nettest Canada.

Ihab holds Bachelor degrees in both Computer Science and Automation Control, and Engineering from Alexandria University.

This third iteration of the project will expand on the work in the previous Catalyst, named Skynet, focused on enabling a diverse ecosystem of partners, including multiple operators from different geographies, to seamlessly provide a set of end-to-end hybrid services, based on virtualized and physical networks as well as wireless and fixed networks.
By collaborating with the medical Universities located in Milan, Paris and Tokyo and leading medical equipment vendors, the team will focus on delivering services to the medical and academic sectors via 5G slices for use cases related to medical simulation, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, introducing the service and network assurance aspects of the solution.

Network assurance will be combined to the remote medical use case in order to prioritize and secure mission critical traffic based on external social information at the time of the epidemic or disaster situations. We will also expand the inter-carrier fulfilment and settlement aspects of what was analyzed in Skynet.

One of the goals is to enable operational automation and dynamic scalability of network resources.

The Catalyst will expand the previous work of mapping all the components in TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) using Open APIs. On the business layer, the Catalyst will design the business scenario in CurateFx and propose a model for the deployment of the APIs in the business applications themselves in order to support, for example, the remote management of medical mannequins.

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