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Cabling Project Planning and Best Practices (hosted by Cabling Installation and maintenance)

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Lane Liley

Solution Architect, EXFO

Lane Liley specializes in field process automation and analytics that focuses on efficiency, quality and streamlining business processes.   Prior to joining EXFO in 2014, Lane held multiple key positions in the industry, including CEM product line manager and business development manager at JDSU (now Viavi) and Director Product Management and Marketing at Tekelec. Lane holds a BSEE, Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

This webcast seminar, produced by Cabling Installation & Maintenance, addresses best-practice approaches that can be taken before, during, and after a project to produce the best possible results.

Conceiving, planning, and executing a structured cabling project is a process filled with challenges that can be subject to pitfalls. Solid preparation, research, and decision making can help ensure the entire value chain—manufacturer, distributor, design and installation contractor, and end-user organization—navigates the process successfully. 

Presentation 1: Avoiding Substandard Products
The professionals specifying products and brands that will be used in a cabling project can take several measures to ward off the possibility of substandard or even knockoff products making their way into the network. This presentation will first make the case for instituting quality-assurance measures rather than gravitating only toward a low price. It will also provide recommendations for specification writing, explaining the potential pitfalls of generic specs. The presentation also will include an examination of contractor selection, and how an end-user customer can assess a contractor’s qualification and reputation.

Presentation 2: Project Documentation Best Practices
This presentation describes how automated processes can save time while significantly improving accuracy and efficiency, particularly in the project’s test phase. It will describe the typical, manual methods of testing and documenting an installed cabling plant, pointing out areas where errors and inefficiencies are frequent. The presentation then will explain how the same tests can be conducted and reported using automated processes.

Presentation 3: Advances in Project Estimation
For the installation contractor, a successful cabling project begins with a thorough, accurate estimation of costs and materials involved. Traditionally, software-based packages have served as the tools that contractors use for this purpose. This presentation reviews typical estimation processes and tools, then turns its attention to the technological developments that have improved how contractors estimate jobs. The presentation also describes additional capabilities, including project management functions, that are available along with new estimating tools.   


  • Jeanna Deese, Marketing Manager LAN, Corning Optical Communications
  • Lane Liley, Business Development Manager, Solutions, EXFO
  • Chris Lee, Head Estimator, Esticom


  • Patrick McLaughlin, Chief Editor, Cabling Installation & Maintenance

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