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Best practices for failure identification in high-speed/DWDM networks

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Joseph Tan

Wireline Application Engineer, EXFO

Joseph has been working in the Telecoms sector for nearly 10 years. He has a rich hands-on experience in the setup, turn-up and maintenance of end-to-end real-life mobile backhaul networks. Joseph was responsible for the MSC server and the transmission network for MobileOne. Later, he joined ST Electronic to manage the entire transmission network and to train clients and staff on that system. Joseph thereafter expanded his experience to cover the range of Transport, Datacom, RF and DWDM technologies

Joseph graduated from Coventry University with a First Class Honour Degree in Computer Networking and Communication Technology.

Exclusive webinar series on high speed networks/DWDM

EXFO is proud to present its webinar series on high speed networks, 40G/100G, and dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) technology. This webinar series will discuss the best practices for deploying 100G/DWDM networks, as well as ensuring the success of the activation and maintenance phases, for optics and transport. It will also discuss the recommended tests in each stage of the network's life cycle.

Webinar3: Best Practices for Failure Identification in High-Speed/DWDM Networks


The third webinar in the high-speed/DWDM series begins with a discussion on real cases of failure that have occurred around the world and the procedures used to resolve them. Next, recommendations are provided for efficient failure identification based on the most common types of failure defined in the standards. Lastly, new issues related to high-speed networks will be addressed, including interchannel crosstalk and non-linear effects.

Best Practices for Failure Identification in High-Speed/DWDM Networks

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