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Best practices for deploying fiber-optic cabling systems for highly demanding applications

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Guillaume Lavallée

Product Line Manager

Guillaume Lavallee is a product line manager at EXFO, the communications industry’s test, monitoring and analytics experts. He oversees the optical products in the Installation and Maintenance division. He has more than 15 years of experience in telecom test and measurement, related technologies and best practices. Guillaume has a bachelor’s degree in Physics Engineering, specialized in Optics, as well as an MBA from Canada’s University Laval.

Installers are facing increasingly difficult tasks for data center, 5G and broadband deployments: How best to implement advanced structured cabling for these sites with quality, performance and efficiency? Plus, what with today's volume and timeline demands, it all needs to be done fast. One key bottleneck has always been cable length, which can never be short, but is messy when too great. Tripp Lite's David Posner will discuss standards-compliant "elastic" fiber trunk cabling infrastructure from technology and process standpoints in remediating such issues.

For part two of the webinar, EXFO's Guillaume Lavallée will provide a comprehensive overview of MPO link testing best practices for technicians, including those for: handling, inspecting and cleaning MPO connector endfaces; alleviating the consequences of damaged or dirty multifiber connectors; and streamlined Tier-1 certification of MPO links. Also on the docket: a discussion on choosing the right methods of procedure to minimize wasted time and operational costs, and an overview of current technologies, testing standards and solutions.

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