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100G Network Deployment and Test Challenges (Webinar in Chinese)

Hosted by

Deng Li

Application Engineer

Mr. Deng Li has over 10 years of experience in the field of light transmission testing. He joined EXFO in 2004. His main work experience includes performance measurement and failure analysis of the optical network layer, physical layer testing and maintenance, transmission and data network analysis, and testing next-generation high-speed network technologies. 

Around the world, 100G rollout is gaining momentum. In fact, some network service providers have already implemented 100G core networks and are now offering 100G Ethernet to their customers. To stay in the game, these providers must upgrade their networks to higher speeds. However, since 40G/100G technologies are continually changing, the buy-in for such upgrades is neither cheap, nor simple.

In this webinar, we will examine:

  • The development of high-speed network
  • Optical testing during 100G Ethernet deployment
  • Pre-deployment CFP testing requirements
  • 100G Ethernet service  testing  and   end-to-end performance verification

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