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100G+ Data-center evolution and challenges: don't try to reinvent the wheel!

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Data centers around the globe are migrating to fiber. The move to cloud services, massive virtualization and explosive growth in data have transformed the business role of data centers. Kevin Lefebvre, Principal Analyst at Ovum, will elaborate on the impact of this transformation on the market, the resulting needs created and what to expect next.

The growing bandwidth needs in the interconnect--even within the four walls of the data center, the infrastructure requirements to deliver low latency and packet loss, and the need for the best possible quality of service (QoS)/quality of experience (QoE) require testing of both the physical- and service-layer infrastructures. Nicholas Gagnon, Business Development Manager – Data Center, EXFO and Jean-Marie Vilain, Product Manager – T&D, EXFO, will explain how to build a solid plan for fiber characterization, troubleshooting, transceiver quality checks, service testing and service assurance monitoring to achieve targeted-level reliability or the uptime objective.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The trends and evolution of the data-center market.
  • The main physical-layer infrastructures that can be leveraged to build next-generation data centers.
  • Why connector insertion and return losses are increasingly important for migrating to 100G+ interfaces.
  • The most relevant test and monitoring steps from construction to turn-up and troubleshooting, for 100G+ interfaces such as CFP4 and QSFP28, and network performance tests in the intra- and interconnect.
  • Service assurance possibilities offered to the DC industry, including infrastructure monitoring, cloud monitoring and subscriber analytics.

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