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Make the most of WebRTC

Lawrence Delvecchio

Marketing Manager

Lawrence Delvecchio is Marketing Manager for EXFO’s Wireless Business Unit, in Toronto. With 16 years of experience in sales and marketing, he is responsible for developing product positioning, sales enablement and market intelligence for EXFO’s leading-edge simulation and load testing products. 

We see the CEO guy calling the EXFO guy. In the lobby, we see trophies, and medals. The client shows the different distinctions that the company received. CEO: Hi There. Thanks for your help last time our VoLTE deployment was a big success. Now, I want to introduce WebRTC service in my network. Once again, I need your help and expertise. We see them walking toward the CEO’s office. EXFO: Sure! I can help test and launch your WebRTC service. In fact, I’ll qualify your network not only for WebRTC services, but also for interworking with all of your other VoLTE, voice over Video, and RCS services. CEO: Wonderful! I knew I could count on you. Now in the CEO’s office, the EXFO guy gives a tutorial on WebRTC. EXFO: For both personal and business use, access to the Internet via web browsers has become a fundamental requirement. WebRTC enables real-time communication via browsers. As you know, more than one billion devices like tablets, smartphones, and PCs already support WebRTC-enabled browsers. That number is expected to increase to more than six billion by 2019. Not only that, WebRTC is used in native mobile and machine (IoT) platforms and applications. I’m glad you decided to deploy WebRTC. It is definitely an opportunity for you to capitalize on this new demand. You’ll be able to extend existing VoLTE, voice over video, and RCS services to more Internet users and even introduce new services to your existing customer base. It will help you reduce customer churn, increase profitability, and overcome the OTT threat in the communications market. Client: Excellent! But, what do I do concretely to extend my IMS services to web users? EXFO: This interworking between the telecom and web clients is made possible by the WebRTC gateway, responsible for translating protocols and enabling user communication between both domains. Client: OK! But tell me, will it have considerable impact on my network? EXFO: Using WebRTC to extend your IMS services to web users will indeed require network architecture changes. Those changes have to support interworking through the WebRTC gateway, resolve Network Address Translation issues through the NAT servers, and more. So, it has to be smartly introduced to the network and accurately tested  That’s what I’m here for! Client: Perfect! With your help, I’ll maximize this WebRTC opportunity. (smiling) Knowing that I can reach new customers and bring in exciting new services, ah this makes my day. We see both the CEO and the EXFO guy looking and smiling at the spectators. The sun is back in the CEO’s office. Narrator: Ask for EXFO’s WebRTC test solution. THE END

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