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A better quality signal at a lower cost

Upgrading legacy cable fiber for broadband services

Traditionally, much of the cable/ MSO distribution plants have used analog optical systems to distribute their RF signals. And while this technology served them well, especially when cable systems were primarily analog, today’s digital broadband services demand ever greater amounts of bandwidth, putting a significant strain on this architecture.

Most cable/ MSOs have started an aggressive rebuild of their access plants—a project often referred to as fiber deep. Essentially, the project involves two fundamental changes: First, the centralization of much of the active electronics into a data center environment, and second, a deeper penetration of fiber infrastructure, using lower cost, higher-bandwidth digital signals to better leverage this new fiber and bring increased bandwidth to the end user for advance broadband services.

The ability to deploy a high-quality fiber network and characterize the fiber to make sure it can deliver as promised will be critical to the success of fiber deep initiatives. Having the right test equipment and processes in place will be critical to an on-time, on-budget build out. Additionally, having the ability to monitor this fiber infrastructure on an ongoing basis will ensure flawless performance as broadband penetration continues.

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