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Bandwidth scalability

Futureproofing for unpredictable growth

If there’s one thing that certain about today’s network, it’s that you cannot predict what kind of services will be offered in the future. Carriers today need to be ready for massive scalability, both in terms of the bandwidth demanded by end users and applications, and in terms of the number of end user devices in the network.

This unpredictable growth places a large burden on the underlying infrastructure, which needs to scale accordingly, without requiring large construction projects or other such investments.

A well-built and properly characterized fiber network provides this flexible scalability. By having the right tools and processes to ensure the fiber infrastructure can operate as specified and is able to handle the wavelength counts and higher speeds being planned or deployed today, carriers will be in a much better position to address any unforeseen capacity expansions, quickly and without issue.

True competitive differentiation will come from being able to deliver tomorrow’s services on today’s network.

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