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Cost-effective operations

Leveraging automation to manage complexity and drive cost effective operations

With the scale and complexity of today’s networks growing all the time, there can be no doubt that automation will need to touch almost every aspect of operations—from capacity planning to service provisioning to troubleshooting and maintenance. Carriers are making significant investments to adopt and embed automation into as many aspects of their business as possible. An important benefit of this transformation will be offloading of many manually intensive tasks which typically require highly trained and experienced technicians. For example, troubleshooting and root-cause analysis often required a 2nd or 3rd level technician with a deep understanding of the way the network works to be able to come up with a suitable solution. With a data-driven operations model, this knowledge is embedded in the automation systems allowing optimal solutions that can take into account additional dependencies and network impacts, to be developed in minutes rather than hours or days; and, with fewer expensive technicians, less chance of human error and consistency with network policies.

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