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Massive scale of connected devices

Forecasted growth will require a new way of managing devices and services.

5G is being positioned as an enabling technology for service innovation. Not just a new radio interface for better throughput and latency, but also a core network that leverages the latest ideas in scalability, agility and performance. Of course, applications such as IoT, with it’s massive scale, are being addressed. But more than that, 5G’s architecture will serve as an innovative platform upon which forward thinking developers can create new, unforeseen services on a scale never before imagined.

The challenge to service providers will be to scale, or perhaps more appropriately, adapt their operations to keep in step. Massive scale requires automation at all levels, from infrastructure build out to new service provisioning to troubleshooting and repair.

Carriers that are not prepared to invest in automated operations will be left behind. Without orchestrated field test solutions, real-time active monitoring and data-driven analytics to process the billions of KPIs generated annually, a successful transition to 5G is not possible.

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