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Tier 1 MNO C-RAN Field Trial

How a Tier-1 mobile operator took full advantage of the RAN evolution on their path to 5G

The goal of this Tier-1’s C-RAN field trial was twofold. First, they wanted to evaluate the operational performance and cost savings of the selected C-RAN architecture. Second, they wished to uncover any potential challenges with the installation and commissioning of this new type of RAN architecture. Realizing the benefits of building a solid RAN foundation today, this forward-thinking MNO decided to implement a passive C-RAN trial.


Key takeaways

How to build the right foundation for upcoming 5G deployments

How EXFO helped a Tier-1 mobile operator overcome challenges to quickly carry out a C-RAN field trial

Learn more about EXFO’s fronthaul test solution. Identify and troubleshoot RAN network installation issues.

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