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CenturyLink automates service delivery with EXFO's real-time topology

How did CenturyLink successfully automate provisioning across multiple systems?

Having issues with managing multiple networks and inventory systems? CenturyLink was facing the challenge of managing and consolidating six networks and eight inventory systems as well as automating provisioning across all these new systems.

After unsuccessful attempts resulting in high fallout rates, they called on EXFO’s expertise to see through the complexity. Download and read this case study to see how to navigate complexity and get a clear picture of your network to be able to meet service delivery expectations.


Key takeaways

Increased accuracy by finding optimal paths through the network infrastructure to guarantee that provisioning commands reach the correct endpoints.

Reduced hardware costs by identification of resources already available in the network, bypassing the need to purchase new, unnecessary hardware.

Lower fallout rates: dramatically improved customer experience, as well as helped lay a solid foundation for the safe adoption of automation.

Download the full success story

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