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Certifying 5G equipment vendors

Like everywhere else on the globe, the Chinese telecom industry is undergoing intense transformations as operators prep up their networks for 5G. Known for its leading expertise, EXFO was selected by CAICT, the governmental body in charge, to test and certify network equipment vendors.

Read this success story for a detailed account of the challenges encountered and how it was possible to assess the 5G equipment of various vendors in a timely manner.


Key takeaways

EXFO’s virtualized, software-based solution was easy to deploy and enabled testing anywhere in their labs.

Subjecting the network and devices under test to traffic generated as per CAICT’s specifications resulted in several issues being identified.

Vendors then had a chance to address problem these issues before their equipment got deployed in live networks.

Finding problem issues in a live network with real subscribers would have been extremely inconvenient to subscribers and damaging the reputation.

Download the full success story

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