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Advanced 5G RAN troubleshooting (with EXFO's Nova RAN & professional services)

How a leading service provider addressed 5G radio access uncertainty, using EXFO’s Nova RAN and professional services.

A leading service provider, known for its high-quality mobile network, launched 5G in 2019. Similar to 4G and other previous launches, the service provider targeted optimal 5G network performance and user experience. Issues likely to affect the adoption and success of 5G had to be proactively addressed. In fact, the radio access network (RAN) was a particular area of uncertainty and concern. Read this case study to learn how this provider addressed 5G radio access uncertainty using EXFO’s Nova RAN and professional services.


Key takeaways

Cost-efficient and trusted insights, in particular reduced need for drive tests

Impartial and detailed visibility, above and beyond averaged cell-centric OSS counters

Flexible and expert approach, including the ability to create use-case specific algorithms/reports

5G issue identification and resolution

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