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Published on March 12, 2014

OFC 2014 - Take away from day 2

It's day two of OFC 2014. The day started off with, once again, a great presentation by Ernesto Burden, publisher at Pennwell and Stephen Hardy, editor-in-chief at Lightwave. Both delivered an updated message from last year's session that covered some of the best practices in B2B marketing and the results of a study about data centers and the intention of stakeholders in upgrading their networks. 

On the EXFO side, the new fully automated fiber inspection probe, the FIP-430B, got quite a bit of attention at our booth, but also in two other locations. For those attending the show, you can try out the probe at the FTTx Center and at the US Connect Booth in Hall D.

US Connec Booth FTTx Center

Finally, for those who are not attending OFC this year, similar to what we did at Mobile World Congress and as requested by many of our readers, we wanted to provide an overview of what EXFO is presenting at this event in a virtual booth tour format. Jean-Sebastien Tassé, Product Line Manager, was kind enough to walk us through some of the main optical stations that can be found at our booth #1323.

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