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Published on November 29, 2012

EXFO's iOLM Helps Determine UFC Champion

Bet you’re wondering how Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and iOLM could possibly fit in the same sentence... Well, you just need to ask Millennium. At this year’s OSP EXPO 2012, held from November 14 to 15 in sunny Denver, CO, Millennium's attention-getter was a staged UFC-inspired cage match, whereby two “athletes” had to splice two fibers together. At the end, the winner was determined by no other than EXFO’s referee, Jim Miller (not to be mistaken for UFC fighter Jim Miller), who tested the splice quality by comparing the dB loss values using EXFO's unmatched, expert fiber‑testing tool, the iOLM. Great entertainment! You can get a sneak peek of what happened here

On a more general note, OSP EXPO 2012 was a great show for EXFO. Right before the opening of the exhibit floor, attendees had the opportunity to get together with industry experts to learn about various different subjects. I myself held a one-hour session with around 50 participants on how to test in the changing DSL landscape (bonding, vectoring, etc.).

From the moment the exhibit floor opened, the EXFO booth remained constantly busy, with visitors showing interest in the  MaxTester 600 seriesFTB-600 series, the FTB-720 and FTB-730 (equiped with iOLM and ConnectorMax) and the FTB-880. Of course, many friends stopped by to greet the folks manning the different stations. We also had the opportunity to make new friends and contacts, who were equally excited about the new and existing test gear we had on display.

Here’s to looking forward to OSP EXPO 2013 in Dallas, TX.

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