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Published on July 30, 2013

2013 Top 100 FTTH Companies

Broadband Communities Magazine comes up each year with a Top 100 list of FTTH Companies, and this year again, EXFO is part of the list.

The Broadband Communities annual list of Top 100 Fiber-to-the-Home Companies and Organizations celebrates organizations for their contributions to “Building a Fiber-Connected World.” The selection was based how important the organizations are to advancing true broadband rather than how important broadband is to them.

To be included in the FTTH Top 100, organizations must advance the cause of fiber-based broadband by:

  • Deploying FTTH networks that are especially large or ambitious, have innovative business plans or are intended to transform local economies or improve communities’ quality of life
  • Supplying key hardware, software or services to deployers
  • Introducing innovative technologies that have game-changing potential, even if they have not yet been commercially deployed
  • Providing key conditions for fiber builds, such as early-stage support or demand aggregation.

EXFO was selected as its equipment figures among the test tools of choice in numerous communities, including Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA), Greenlight (Wilson, NC), Pulaski Electric System’s PES Energize (Pulaski, TN), Morristown Utility Systems (MSU) FiberNET (Morristown, TN) and DiamondNet (SALLISAW, OK), as mentioned in multiple Broadband Community Magazine company profiles – some of which also appear in the Top 100 list.

Here are a few other companies that made the 2013 list:

  • ADVA Optical Networking
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • AT&T, AT&T Connected Communities
  • CenturyLink
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Cisco
  • Corning/Corning Cable Systems
  • Power & Tel
  • Sumitomo Electric Lightwave
  • Tellabs
  • Verizon Communications, Verizon Enhanced Communities
  • Walker and Associate

Check out the full list, which includes service providers and vendors as well as communities, foundations and other organizations that inspire and help communities undertake FTTH projects and that do business in North America.

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