TravelHawk - Portable Analyzer

The only portable, all-in-one multitechnology protocol analyzer for live network troubleshooting.

Spec sheet (PDF)

Key features

  • Briefcase-sized unit for lab and field troubleshooting
  • Enables the user to quickly perform on-site, simultaneous troubleshooting of multitechnology handovers, for faster resolution of network errors and reduced OPEX Read more
  • Unbeatable combination of portability and performance: powerful test capabilities in a package small enough for airline carry-on regulations Read more
  • Multitechnology support: LTE, UMTS, GSM, Core and IMS networks
  • One licensed TravelHawk unit to test all technologies instead of multiple tools, reducing CAPEX
  • Multi-interface support: STM-1/OC-3 (also channelized), E1/T1/J1 (PCM, ATM, IMA modes), as well as 10/100 Mbit and 1/10 GigE interfaces Read more


  • Functional testing
  • Interoperability testing
  • Troubleshooting


The Ideal Network Traffic Analysis Tool for Today’s Multitechnology Environments

To achieve high quality of service, mobile networks must be tested throughout their lifecycle. This means verification of network functionality and quality at the R&D and deployment phases, but also across the live network. This kind of live network troubleshooting, for example at the base station, requires an easily portable solution that enables a field engineer to quickly identify and address any network issues that may arise. Service, support and field teams need a tool such as the TravelHawk, which works in a multitechnology environment, is easy to use, and—most importantly—reduces the complexity and the time spent on testing.

Mobile Network Testing — Where to Use TravelHawk

TravelHawk is a perfect fit for both network equipment manufacturers and operators for testing and troubleshooting networks at all stages of their lifecycle:

  • Functional testing: testing of single elements (e.g., a base station) to ensure that they work according to specifications
  • Interoperability testing (IOT): testing a system to verify the interoperability of its multiple network elements and multivendor components
  • Troubleshooting: live network testing to locate and qualify any signaling problems reported, and correct them as quickly as possible

TravelHawk: A Compact Unit Packed with Multiple Capabilities

The TravelHawk is the only portable protocol analyzer on the market that supports 2G, 3G and 4G technologies in one unit. Its small size makes it easy to carry, even as carry-on luggage on an airplane.

TravelHawk - Portable Analyzer

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