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Service quality management - Nova Analytics

Empowers service operation centers (SOC) with a service quality management (SQM) application to help manage service quality proactively.

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Supporting your move towards a customer and service-centric organization

  • Creating a pivotal service operational center
  • Reinventing the process and organization based on models such as eTom defined by the TM Forum
  • Creating business and CEM use cases and service quality dashboards
  • Defining new quality indicators and SLAs
  • Providing improved visibility and quality of E2E services
  • Faster identification of service failures and degradations

Making the move from NOC to SOC

The communications industry is moving towards service quality management (SQM)—a move driven by service operation centers (SOCs). SOCs help break your silo-based organization to better serve your customers and drive your digital transformation.

Monitor end-to-end service quality

  • Monitor E2E service quality indicators from a user perspective including applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, VoLTE, VoIP, VoWifi, legacy voice as well as special operator services such as USSD.
  • Identify any quality degradations and prioritize service restoration based on the number of impacted subscribers.

Perform fast diagnosis with issue demarcation

Provide service issue demarcation (RAN, core, device, user, transport) and escalate trouble tickets to the right teams for further investigation and resolution.

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